You want to know "Will this work for me?"

The strategies and techniques I teach work as long as you are committed to the process and do the work. 

You can overcome any challenge with the right guidance and commitment! Rather than taking my word for it, here’s what some of my clients have to say…

Cathy is nothing short of a Miracle Worker!

My health was on a decline, and my mobility became limited due to osteoarthritis, necessitating a knee replacement. It was a wake-up call I couldn’t ignore.

It was time to walk the talk. So, I made one of the best decisions of my life – I teamed up with Cathy.

She crafted a program exclusively tailored to my unique needs and limitations.

The results?

I’ve gained more energy, improved mobility, sharpened focus, and lost weight.

– Dr. Carol, Executive Leadership Coach

You’re in good hands with Cathy Council

“Cathy was there to help me understand the importance of walking into my future self. How to embrace her and getting to know her. It was hard to do but with support I am working to become her one day at a time. I learned to be curious about my future self and not be afraid to step into the woman I’m called to be. For anyone looking to work with Cathy, be prepared to work, know that you are in good hands and trust her.”

– Shenelle J.

Cathy Council is extremely knowledgeable

“Cathy is extremely knowledgeable and patient. I needed lots of guidance and she provided that with ease. I never felt judged, small, or hesitant to reach out. Cathy helped me realize that everyone needs help at some point. And asking for it, doesn’t make you less than. My advice to anyone deciding to work with Cathy – Do it. Be open. Be teachable. Be trusting. Cathy will come through!”

– Evelyn LeVasseur, Owner of Evelyn Fit

Just what I needed to succeed

“Cathy is very encouraging and helps you become accountable. She cares, and wants her clients to succeed. If you want someone that is going to guide you to your win….. she is that person. ”

– Dionne S., Owner of A Celebration of Us 

Ready to take your first step?

If you have an open mind and are willing to try a new approach to losing weight and having the body you love –

 I can help you make it happen.

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