You have uncommon goals. Don't settle for common friendships. Level up to your V.I.P. Circle.

Although the desire for friendship usually comes naturally, keeping long-term friendships is challenging for a lot women.

Friend relationships, or the lack thereof, can impact how you move through life, especially as you pursue your goals. Despite their importance, friendships in adulthood can feel much harder to make and maintain than they were when you thought you would grow up and live next door to your childhood best friend forever.

Are you a successful woman – yet struggle to keep meaningful friendships in your inner circle?

You’ve kept your head down, hard at work on accomplishing your dreams. It’s been all work and no play. When you achieved your goals and finally looked around you, you didn’t have any friends to celebrate with!

  • You feel isolated and alone, so you work harder,  moving from one goal to another, never stopping to celebrate
  • You wonder why you can’t connect with old friends like you used to, it feels like you have nothing in common anymore 
  • You spark up very brief friendships, but they just seem to fade away leaving you alone again and disappointed
  • You want to have close friendships, but for some reason you haven’t figured out how and end up feeling like you will never have real friends that understand who you are and where you are going in life

You’ll be surprised to learn that…it doesn’t have to be this way. Your ambition and drive does not come at the expense of the relationships in your life.

Experience how good success feels when you have a Circle to celebrate with you...

10 Tips for Stronger Friendships
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You can develop outstanding friendships in a V.I.P. Circle that help you thrive in ways you never thought possible.

I can guide you to close the gap on relationships that feel distant while creating a V.I.P. Circle of friends that evolves with you to your next level and propels you into every level after that.  ⠀

It's time to level up to V.I.P.



It’s your table and chairs. Not everyone can sit with you.
It is a privilege.  You get to decide who’s invited and where they sit.  
Learn to be intentional about cultivating your closest friendships that serve who you are now and who you are becoming.

In your circle – you decide who moves in closer. You choose who could be in your V.I.P. Circle in this season and the next. You create connections all around you with women who inspire, motivate, encourage, and celebrate you. You become the V.I.P. in your circle.  There’s levels to this.

This is V.I.P. 
This is your next level.

I’m Cathy Council, Life Coach

I can help you create a V.I.P. Circle that serves who you are now and who you are becoming. Getting to your next level doesn't have to be done alone. You need the right women for you around you.

Several years ago, when I was at my lowest point with all of my friendships, at the top of my New Year’s goals list was “MAKE NEW FRIENDS. GET A BIGGER CIRCLE”.

At the time, I was extremely frustrated with everyone around me. I couldn’t connect with friends I was once so close with. I couldn’t talk to them about my challenges as I advanced in my career and personal development. 

They thought I was too ambitious. 

I thought they weren’t ambitious enough. 

I avoided conversations about certain topics and I pretended to enjoy things that I didn’t enjoy, so I could “stay friends.” I was afraid to let go and step outside the friends I already had. I was frustrated. I was lonely. I was miserable.

 I had hid my ambition and dreams, trying to fit in somewhere I had already outgrown. Then I realized that I wasn’t loving and supporting myself! I was holding myself back by holding on to the way things used to be. That’s when I decided, I needed a bigger circle of women around me to support and love who I was now and who I was becoming. 

That year I pushed all of the boundaries of the box I was in. It no longer fit all of who I had become. That’s when I began this work to heal myself, stop hiding and embrace who I am. From this self confident and empowered place, I rekindled bonds with old friends and created strong new friendships in my own V.I.P. Circle.

Now, I coach women on how to break free of the box that they are in, show up authentically, trust themselves and create their V.I.P. Circle of friends that evolves with them.

I can help you if...

  • You have an open mind and are willing to try a new approach.
  • You reliably show up and are willing to do the work.
  • You want real friendships where you can be your authentic self.
  • If you’re ready to be open and honest. 

I can't help you if...

  • You are fine with just complaining about your friends or not having friends but not willing to change anything.
  • You are unable to make decisions and don’t want to learn how.
  • You don’t want this for yourself more than I want it for you.
  • Being on time is a problem for you.
  • You’re not ready to be honest.

Women are designed to empower one another, stick by each other’s side, and build each other up.

Ready to take your first step?

If you have an open mind and are willing to try a new approach to have an abundance of real, honest friendships, and if you’re ready and willing to put in some work, I can help you make it happen.

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