Own Your Friendships!

A 12-week one-on-one program to grow your inner circle of friends and strengthen those bonds.

Create friendships that last and keep getting better.

One on One Personalized Support

It's All About You.

And when you are done, you will know who you want in your inner circle, celebrating you, supporting you, growing with you.

You will have friends who accept you, for who you are, because that's how you show up - real and genuine, cool and confident. Like you own it...because you do.

About Cathy

Hi! I’m Cathy, a Certified Life Coach and Certified Business Relationship Manager. I coach ambitious women to achieve their goals through the unique lens of creating and building relationships in a V.I.P. Circle that supports, encourages, and celebrates who they are.

I leverage my 25+ years of corporate leadership and experience to help women achieve goals by connecting and empowering women through the creation of their V.I.P. Circle for networking, leadership opportunities, professional & personal development, and friendship.

I'm Ready to have Friendships that last!​

Experience a transformation in just 12 weeks with one-on-one support.​

Let's do this!

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