Look Good Naked

Consistency Bootcamp

Being consistent is the fastest way to tap into your motivation, discipline, confidence, and reach your Look Good Naked body goals.

This bootcamp is the way you learn how to be consistent. Not just talk about it. Be about it.

30-Day Consistency Bootcamp

"When I started coaching with Cathy, I didn't work out AT ALL. Today I am a woman who works out FIVE days a week! It's just who I am now. I love being this woman. I know I will reach my Look Good Naked goal." - Elle

Small Group Coaching with Personalized Support

It's All About You.

You, and your Look Good Naked body goals. You already know what to eat and how to work out. You don't need me to tell you that. You need support following through on what you already know. In the Consistency Bootcamp, I am going to give you the support you need to become more consistent in a small group community of women who also have Look Good Naked body goals.

This is just what I'm looking for - I'm IN!

I've seen enough, sign me up!

About Cathy

Hi! I’m Cathy, a Master Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach. I help women clear the mental roadblocks that prevent them from getting started and staying consistent with their fitness and weight loss goal. I work one-on-one with women to re-train their mindset around fitness, weight loss, and being healthy so that they look good naked and are fit for life.

I partner with my clients to help them reach their fitness goals, recognizing that they are a unique individual. To do this, I create custom coaching experiences that support and inspire women every step of the journey to their goal and beyond.

I'm Ready to be Consistent & Reach my Look Good Naked Body Goals!

The Consistency Bootcamp starts February 27, 2023. Join now!

Let's do this!
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